Our Mission

Cache Pride Center is committed to transforming and supporting Cache Valley’s LGBTQ+ communities through support groups, comprehensive programming, suicide prevention, mentoring, advocacy, and training devised to promote positive outlooks and changes within this population.

Our History

Cache Pride Center (initially known as Cache Youth Resource Center) was founded in 2013. In January 2018, the name changed to Cache Pride Center and the mission changed to providing services to LGBTQ+ youth in Cache Valley. The Cache Valley Unitarian Universalists continue to support our program and offer us space in the community.

Our Present and Future

Cache Pride Center strives to be an all encompassing center for LGBTQ+ youth and offer related services for individuals and their families to gain awareness, support, and acceptance.

Cache Pride Center Staff

Kelsey Crowson (she/her)


As of 2023, I am the director of Cache Pride Center! I am originally from the Salt Lake Area, and received my Bachelor’s degree in Education from Utah State University in 2017.

As a former teacher, I have extensive experience working with adolescents in both middle and high schools. While in the schools, I used my role to advocate for the equal treatment of underserved populations including LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color, and individuals with disabilities. I established a Gender and Sexuality Alliance in my district, and stood up to administrations and boards when policies or decisions had the potential to cause harm to ANY of our youth. Additionally, I have experience running community programs focused on mental health awareness and connection.

As a current doctoral student in Psychology at Utah State, I am deeply passionate about mental health, and I know how important the feeling of community is to our wellbeing. LGBTQ+ youth are experiencing a mental health crisis and deserve to feel like they belong in our community as their authentic selves. I am honored to do the important work of protecting our youth and giving them a voice and a space in Cache Valley.