Our Mission

Cache Pride Center is committed to transforming and supporting Cache Valley Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual, plus (LGBTQIAP+) communities through support groups, comprehensive programming, suicide prevention, mentoring, advocacy, and training devised to promote positive outlooks and changes within this population.

Our History

Cache Pride Center initially came to be known as Cache Youth Resource Center and was founded in 2013 by several caring community individuals and Outreach. As of January 2018 the mission and name changed to Cache Pride Center in hopes of providing services to all LGBTQIAP+ individuals in Cache Valley. They have been graciously supported by the Cache Valley Unitarian Universalist Church as the Center grows and develops. Some groups have been suspended due to lack of online attendance during the pandemic; however youth groups are now starting in-person and we hope to open more in-person groups as the demands rise.

Our Future

Pre-teen and Teen groups are NOW IN-PERSON! Come join us! Cache Pride Center strives to be an all encompassing Center for LGBTQIAP+ and related services that help individuals, their families and loved ones gain awareness, support and acceptance. It hopes to become a safe place with an opportunity for those needed to feel connected and cared for. The hope is to develop programming and support systems for all ages and also offer a place for other LGBTQIAP+ community groups to meet.

Cache Pride Center Staff

Eric Gieseke (any pronouns)
Youth Program Coordinator


Hello everyone! My name is Eric, I am originally from Reno, Nevada and I moved out here to Logan in 2019 to pursue a degree in music therapy from Utah State University. In the past I have volunteered with special needs, substance abuse, homeless, and at-risk youth populations. Most recently I ran teen programs at the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Utah. I am a gay cisgender male and I am passionate about music, mental health, and helping underserved populations. As a loud person, I like to use my voice to speak-up for those who might have a hard time speaking up for themselves. Here at Cache Pride Center my hope is to help local LGBTQ+ youth realize their true potential and gain the confidence to take on their world.