Cache Pride Center gives youth a physical and emotionally safe space. Each week we provide a hot meal and check-in with our youth. Our groups are tailored to the needs of our youths through support groups, one-on-one therapy, individually crafted lessons to develop lifelong skills, creative expression workshops, games, peer support, guided discussions, sexuality education, and during the school year, an hour of tutoring to see our youth succeed in school. During our groups, our youth have access to food, clothing, and hygiene items to provide for their basic needs. We also provide assistance in accessing affirming health care, mental health care, local organizations, suicide prevention and additional relevant resources.


Preteen (ages 10-14)

Tuesdays 5pm – 8pm

For LGBTQIAP+ and LGBTQIAP+ affirming youth

Teen (ages 14-18)

Fridays 5pm – 8pm

For LGBTQIAP+ youth

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